Billing Arrangements

Alternative Fee Structures

At Webster Law, LLC, we believe in working with our clients to come up with a fee arrangement that fits their budget and needs. Our main goal when discussing fee arrangements is transparency; we want our clients to understand the fee structure from the inception of the relationship.

Hourly Rates

We have reasonable and fair hourly rates and because of our structure, we are able to charge less per hour than big-firm attorneys. Additionally, we use our time efficiently so that our clients are not billed for unnecessary tasks. We have found that our clients truly appreciate our combination of quality work, reasonable, competitive rates and efficiency.


Flat Fee Structure

For certain documents and transactions, instead of billing by the hour, we charge a flat fee for the product so that your legal bill is not a surprise. This is often utilized in terms of business formation, business organizational documents and contracts.

Contingency Fee Litigation

In certain cases, we represent clients on what is known as a “contingency fee”. What that means is that the client pays the expenses up front but does not pay legal fees unless or until we have secured a recovery in the matter. When we receive the recovery, our contingent fee is calculated and paid. The contingency fee structure is often used when the client has a strong case and an otherwise tight or restricted budget.


Modified Contingency Fee

In other cases, we represent clients on a modified fee structure which is a combination of the hourly fee structure and the contingency fee structure. Basically, the client pays up to a certain amount of hours and then the remainder of the legal bill is paid from a smaller percentage of the recovery. We often use this type of fee structure when the client has some flexibility in their budget and they want to retain more of the potential recovery.

Recurring Flat Fee

Certain clients desire a relationship where they have an on-call attorney to answer questions or perform work; similar to the role of an in-house attorney. We work with clients who wish to have this type of arrangement and offer a set monthly or quarterly fee for a certain number of hours per period. This can be set up so that the fees are billed against a prepaid retainer or we can bill these fees as a flat fee which is paid in advance. Recurring flat fee structures are very client specific so if this is of interest to you, we will happily engage in a conversation and work to fit your needs as best as possible.


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